Featured Product - Spring 2020

3 Tern Box

Joining the longstanding favourite Arctic Tern IPA and the well-established Roseate Tern Blush IPA, comes the new kid on the block namely “Little Tern”.  Brewed with Columbus, Cascade and Citra hops to compliment its bigger brothers/sisters, the Little Tern is smaller in abv but big on taste.

Since there are now there are 3 terns in our range, we have developed a special 3 Bottle Gift Box to house them all, allowing the customers to compare and contrast to tern species in beer form.  Please forgive the “One Good Tern Deserves Another…” pun – we simply couldn’t resist! But if you know someone who deserves a “thank you” for helping you out, especially in these troubled times, what better way than with our “One Good Tern…” Gift Box.

Sales of these gift boxes support the work of 3 charities/projects, helping the conservation of Arctic, Roseate and Little Terns in the UK.

Arctic Tern IPA (6% abv) - supports the work of Marine Conservation Society (MCS)

Roseate Tern Blush IPA (5% abv) - supports the EU Life+ Project on Coquet Island, Northumberland (a conservation effort coordinated by the RSPB in partnership with BirdWatch Ireland and the North Wales Wildlife Trust).

Little Tern Pale Ale (4% abv) – supports the EU Life+ Project at Long Nanny, Northumberland (a project, administered through the RSPB as a joint venture between Northumberland AONB, Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve and the National Trust).